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The Dermatology Council for England





Purpose of the website

The website was launched in the summer of 2011 with the primary aim of informing Dermatology Council for England (DCE) members as well as informing the general public.


The vision and objectives of the Council are included in the DCE’s manifesto.


In addition to informing its visitors it is envisaged that the website could be used as a key tool for advocacy and campaigning.


Website Committee

The website committee consists of two to four members. Mark Johnson (Decideum) and Ivon van Heugten (Changing Faces) currently form the committee and welcome other interested members to join them if anyone wishes to do so.


Website maintenance

The BAD will continue hosting and maintaining the site. Monica Parrondo (BAD administrator) and Lukasz Nowaczyk (IT) will provide the support for this.


Submitting new information onto the website

Any DCE member can suggest new content for the website. If the information is meant to go onto the members area, this information can be sent directly to the BAD administrator. If the information is suggested to go onto the public part of the website, it must be sent to the website committee who will make the following judgement:


•The information can be sent directly to the BAD administrator

•The information needs to be discussed with the DCE Chair prior to sending it to the BAD administrator

•The information needs to be discussed with the DCE members either by email or in one of the quarterly Council meetings

•If website content is circulated by email there must be a two week window for people to respond. Members have the responsibility to provide the Council’s Chair with correct email addresses


Website development

The following things could be considered in terms of future development of the website:


•Members area – for more confidential information such as minutes of council meetings

•Measure website activity - site is a key tool for the Council’s advocacy and knowledge sharing but we can’t measure the impact of advocacy if we don’t measure the website activity

•Search engine – with an expanding content, a search engine may be necessary to facility easy access to information

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