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The Dermatology Council for England

At this time where demands on the NHS and its funding are stretched to the limit, it is critical to have a consolidated and informed voice to ensure the needs of the Dermatology community continue to be heard.


The Dermatology Council for England has a unique position in bringing together a wide range of key dermatology stakeholders to form its opinions and can truly represent the broad needs of the dermatology community.


It is a key aim of the DCE to ensure relevant government and professional bodies remain aware of the needs of the dermatology community and build them into their current and future thinking and subsequent delivery.



The DCE aims to:


•Raise the profile of dermatology within the NHS.


•Raise awareness of the impact of skin conditions

on people’s lives.


•Encourage education and training amongst health

care professionals.


•Improve access to dermatology services across

the UK.



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