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The Dermatology Council for England

Publications / Surveys


The burden of skin conditions in England


This infographic brings together existing and new data on the burden of skin conditions to highlight their

impact on patients and their wider health system.


                                           Click on the pictures below for a full size poster

Mental Health & Skin Disease report


The APPG on Skin has published the findings from its latest Inquiry into mental health and skin disease. The aim of the report was to gain insight into the state of mental health services available to patients with skin conditions in the UK and the psychological impact of these conditions. It is divided into chapters that aim to cover every aspect of mental health and skin disease, ranging from the design and commissioning of services to healthcare professional training, research priorities and patient advocacy.

You can read the findings and recommendations from the report here

Access to Medicines


The British Association of Dermatologist collates a list of new, ongoing and resoved medicines supply problems.


An open-ended survey monkey has also been developed to

help track changes in access to medications in the UK.

Please complete the survey if members or patients of your organizations report problems of patients getting access to medicines they need.


List of Items with supply problems and discontinued products


If you are aware of any product shortages or discontinuations

please contact the British Association of Dermatologists so it could be highlighted to the Access To Medicines Group.

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